To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Burke and Wills historic expedition, Dr Jonathan King will lead a group of environmentalists in retracing the steps of Burke and Wills with a view to examining changes in the environment in the time since the pioneers set off on their ill-fated journey

Government Shows its support

Government Shows its support
Our government shows its support of the 2010 environmental expedition

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Jack Thompson, Patron of the Burke & Wills Environmental Expedition sits under the Dig Tree during a pause in the filming outback of the Burke and Wills special featuring Jack and historian Jonathan King which was screened on Channel Nine’s “60 Minutes” Program 5th September 2010.

Mission accomplished ! Burke and Wills Environmental Expedition Cameraman Mike Dillon, AO, and leader Dr. Jonathan King at journey’s end having crossed Australia in the tracks of Burke and Wills from Melbourne to the Gulf of Carpentaria with their team of volunteer environmentalists . Now they plan to edit their TV documentary and also film the “pick up shots” during the dryer months next year in those regions of the country which are only accessible on dirt roads and which were flooded out by unusually heavy rains.

To download the expedition diary click on the link

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